ARPH Conference 2025

March 27-28, 2025 - Heerlen

We are thrilled to invite you to the 14th ARPH Conference, taking place on Thursday, March 27, and Friday, March 28, 2025. As always, our program will feature inspiring keynote lectures, symposia, workshops, oral presentations, and poster sessions, along with social and networking events. And did you know that our conference dinner and party are included in the registration fee?

The conference theme will beThe Future of Health Psychology.
This year, we are inspired by the rich history of Heerlen, as the city that has transformed from its mining past into a symbol of innovation and sustainability.
As we explore the future of health psychology, we aim to explore the journey of transition and renewal. Just as Heerlen has evolved, we will examine how our field of health psychology can innovate and adapt, while preserving the valuable insights and practices from the past.
Our theme emphasizes:

  • Collaboration: working together and across disciplines.
  • Innovation: embracing new methodologies and technologies
  • Sustainability: developing practices that ensure long-term health
  • Transition: navigating changes and challenges with creativity

While our focus is on the future, we also recognize and celebrate the many achievements and effective practices of the past and present. By integrating these timeless principles with new advancements, we aim to honor the history and enrich the future of health psychology.

This year, we’ve secured an amazing venue, which will remain a surprise for now—but rest assured, it’s far from your average conference hotel. The conference will be hosted by Open University in its hometown of Heerlen.
Heerlen is an excellent location to extend your visit with a short break. The city offers plenty to see and do. It’s also a short train ride away from the beautiful city of Aachen. Additionally, Heerlen is the gateway to the unique hills of the Netherlands, perfect for walking and cycling.

Join us as we celebrate the progress we have made, confront the challenges ahead, and look forward to an exciting future. Welcome to Heerlen, and welcome to the future of health psychology!

Kind regards,

ARPH Conference 2025 Committee
Open Universiteit Heerlen

Video credit: Visit Zuid-Limburg

Previous Conferences

The Association of Researchers in Psychology and Health (ARPH) organizes an annual conference. Each year, the conference is hosted by a different research group that is represented in the ARPH.

The conference program includes keynote lectures from leading national and international researchers in the area of health psychology, oral and poster presentation sessions, e-health demonstrations, a PhD activity, and a roundtable discussion.

Past conferences were held in Maastricht (2024), Twente (2023), Egmond aan Zee (2022), online (2021), Egmond aan Zee (2020, 2019), Tilburg (2018), Leiden (2017), Maastricht (2016), Gent (2015), Groningen (2014) and Enschede (2013).

Past Conferences

Click on the links below to read more about the past ARPH Conferences

This edition was organised by Maastricht University. The full program of the 13th ARPH conference in Maastricht can be accessed here.

This edition was organised by the University of Twente. The full program of the 12th ARPH conference in Twente can be accessed here

This edition was organised by Groningen University.

This edition was organised by Utrecht University.

This edition was organised by Amsterdam UMC. The ARPH Best PhD Thesis Award was granted to:

  • Yvette Meuleman (Leiden University Medical Center) for her thesis entitled: Disease progression & quality of life in patients with chronic kidney disease.

For the first time, an award for talented early-career researchers was granted during this conference: The Young Career Award. This award went to:

  • Kaya Peerdeman (Leiden University).

This year, two Best Oral Presentation Awards were granted to:

  • Valérie Broers (Université de Catholique de Louvain) for the presentation entitled: Default-name and tasting nudge increase unfamiliar, specific vegetable choice without increasing general vegetable choice.
  • Houkje Adema (Wageningen University) for the presentation entitled: Self-reported overeating of healthy and unhealthy foods: attributions for food intake.

The two Best Poster Presentation Awards were granted to:

  • Monique Alblas (University of Amsterdam) for the presentation entitled: Watching a TV show with food cues and subsequent unhealthy food intake: an eye-tracking study.
  • Elke Mathijssen (Sint Maartenskliniek) for the presentation entitled: What treatment outcomes matter to patients with early rheumatoid arthritis?

Unfortunately, there is no link to the program of this year. 

Unfortunately, there is no link to the program of this year. 

A full overview of the conference program can be found here.

A full overview of the conference program can be found here.

A full overview of the conference program can be found here.